5 reasons why your business will die if you don’t have video

  1. The glorious days of TV-commercials are gone. More unrestricted channels of promotion are available to marketers and business owners alike. On top of that the overflow of information and content overwhelms the audience.
  2. Audience’s attention spans have reduced significantly. However, 80% of audiences remember videos they watched in the past month (Source: Forbes, Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing, Bowman, Feb.2017 )
  3. 60% of marketers use videos to succeed with the marketing (Source: Social Media Examiner, Industry Report 2016).
  4. Global IP video traffic will account for 82 % of all Internet traffic being created by 2021 from now 73 % (Source: Cisco, Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2016–2021, White paper June 2017).
  5. Companies who use videos grow their revenue 49% faster compared to non-video marketing users (Source: hubspot, Video Marketing Statistics)

Hence: Companies without aggressive video marketing will be left behind (Source: Inc., 20 Statistics That Should Make You More Aggressive About Video Marketing in 2017, Tredgold, Dec.2016)

Author: Elisabeth Wiesli

Editor: Hamza Ayub

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